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Jessi A.

‚ÄúOnce my husband watched the series with me, he stopped telling me to snap out of it and started being more supportive. It was a game-changer for our relationship.‚ÄĚ




Marilyn B.

‚ÄúI am happy to say that all is well...no more panic or anxiety attacks (or whatever they were!) and I never even started taking the refilled prescription. It is now hard for me to even remember how awful these attacks were, which is great!‚ÄĚ

 Alex P.

¬†‚ÄúI have found the videos very informative and the techniques very helpful. Once I realized I could watch them on my phone I used them more, even in bed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.‚ÄĚ




Panic attacks are nasty, but do you have them?


Panic attacks are intense waves of anxiety, which come on suddenly, peak, then subside within 10-20 minutes.


Here are the common symptoms of a panic attacks:

  • Heart palpitation or rapid heartbeat

  • Shortness of Breath

  • Sweatiness

  • Dizziness

  • Light headedness

  • Numbness of tingling

  • Derealization (thins seem unreal)

  • Depersonalization (you‚Äôre observing yourself from the outside)

You may have all or a few of the above symptoms.
But I want you to know that none of this is your fault! Neither your panic attacks nor your feelings about them.

How do I know this? I used to suffer too.



I used to have horrible anxiety and panic attacks many years ago, and they were awful.


I didn’t know what they were at the time, and they made me doubt my own sanity.
I felt scared leaving my home in case I had an attack away from my safe place (my home) and had to deal with them alone.
 I believed that something was seriously wrong with my health.
I felt drained and hopeless at times and was ready to give up on all my goals.
But I recovered a long time ago by learning the scientific facts and powerful techniques that freed me from panic for good and haven’t had a panic attack in 30 years.
Over the years I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of clients do the same.

Here's what's inside The Complete Panic-Buster Blueprint


  Three modules packed with transformational information and powerful techniques to help you free yourself from panic attacks.

Module 1:

 Foundations of Panic

  • Four lessons packed with transformational information to help you on your journey toward freedom from panic attacks.


  • ¬†The Foundations of Panic Workbook to help you kick your panic and anxiety and become the master of your life again.

Module 2:

The Panic-Buster


  • ¬†Seven step-by-step lessons¬†explaining and demonstrating powerful yet simple techniques to tackle your specific symptoms of panic.
  • Five worksheets to personalize the techniques and help you cope in real time during a panic attack.


Module 3:

Peaceful Sleep  

  • Four¬†sleep podcasts to help you slide into sleep and stay peacefully asleep.
  • The Sleep Peacefully handout, full of tips and easy steps you can take to enhance a restful sleep.¬†




I'm Ready to Start Feeling Better

So, if you are

Someone who has struggled with anxiety and recurrent panic attacks and are at a loss as to how to help yourself.

If you feel


  • Tired of anxiety and panic ruling and ruining your life.
  • Fearful of panic striking you in the most awkward moment.
  • Afraid of losing your mind or dying.
  • Little hope for a panic-free future.

If you believe


  • Your anxiety has prevented you from achieving your goals.
  • Your anxiety has negatively affected your relationships.
  • You must accept you’re going to suffer with anxiety for the rest of your life.

If you’ve tried

  • Everything you know or that others have suggested to make yourself feel better.
  • “Snapping out of it” or telling yourself to calm down.
  • Thinking positively.
  • Prescription, non-prescription medication, or supplements.

Then you need a step-by-step program with powerful techniques to get the relief you want and deserve, in your own pace and place.


This all sounds great, but how do I achieve that, you may ask...


You need to follow the simple steps and practice the powerful, tried, and true techniques in the program so you can free yourself of panic attacks.


So, if you’re ready to


  • Take charge of your life.¬†¬†¬†

  • Free yourself of anxiety and panic.¬†¬†

  • Get your self- confidence back.

  • Pursue &¬†fulfill your goals and dreams.¬†

Then you will love The Panic-Buster Blueprint: A step-by-step program to freeing yourself of panic.
This program was Created by Dr. Michal Regev, a Registered Psychologist, Researcher and fellow (former) panic sufferer.

The Complete Panic-Buster Blueprint

All The Tools You Need to Free Yourself From Anxiety and Panic Attacks

 Learn all the essential information and powerful techniques to free yourself from panic and transform your life. The Panic-Buster Blueprint is as easy to understand and use as 1-2-3.

Yes, I'm Ready to be Free of Panic
Purchase the Course

The Panic-Buster Guarantee

The Panic-Buster Blueprint comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you feel that this program has not set you well on way to becoming free of panic attacks,

simply Contact Us within 14 days and we will send you a full refund. No hassle, no problem!

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 Let’s Shatter A Few Myths 

¬†¬†Have you been told that you could ‚Äėjust snap out of it if you put your mind to it‚Äô?¬†
  • Have you come to believe you were weak for having anxiety or panic?
  • Have you doubted you would ever feel better?
  • Have you been told you wouldn‚Äôt be able to overcome anxiety without medication?
  • Have you come to believe that living with anxiety was your fate?

I want you to know that these cannot be further from the truth, and I will disprove them one-by-one.


 I'm on a Mission to Help You

Through my years as a therapist, I have helped thousands of clients overcome their anxiety, panic and other mental health challenges. I have also taught psychology and therapy courses in academic Institutions, such as The University of British Columbia and the Adler University. For years, I was looking for a way to help many more people free themselves of anxiety and panic and reclaim their lives.
In creating the Blueprint, I have combined my passion for helping people, my knowledge and experience in the field of Psychology and my understanding of effective teaching and learning.

I have hand-picked the most powerful techniques, which have helped me and my clients the most and have been scientifically proven to be the most essential and   transformational.

    I hope you will join me on this journey of healing and freedom.

By the time you’re done with the Panic-Buster Blueprint:

  • I will know how to stop a panic attack in its tracks.
  • You’ll know what to do to have lower anxiety and fewer panic attacks.
  • You’ll feel more confident to engage with tasks and fulfill your goals.
  • You’ll feel a greater sense of calm and wellbeing.
  • You’ll have a better sense of control over your life.

And There are Bonuses, too

The 3 Essential Techniques to Stop a Panic Attack in its Tracks (PDF)

Three simple yet powerful tried-and-true techniques to squash a panic attack well before it reaches its nasty peak. 



 Valued at $ 27.00 - Free

With Purchase


 The 7 Golden Rules of Peaceful Sleep (PDF)

Sleep is precious. Yet anxiety and panic can prevent you from getting restful, uninterrupted sleep. Use the 7 Golden Rules of Peaceful Sleep to set the stage for your most restful sleep ever.
  Valued at $ 29.00 - Free
With Purchase


Membership in Dr. Regev’s Facebook group 

Dr. Regev's Facebook group is a welcoming space for people struggling with anxiety and panic. Receive and give support in a safe and non-judgmental community. Dr. Regev shares her insights and practical tips on a weekly basis.
Valued at Priceless


Get Immediate Access to The Blueprint

The Complete Panic-Buster Blueprint

All The Tools You Need to Free Yourself from Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Learn all the essential information and powerful techniques to free yourself from panic and transform your life. The Panic-Buster Blueprint is as easy to understand and use as 1-2-3.


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What Others Are Saying...

Dana W.

“I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this amazing resource. You are very calm and calming and your voice is very soothing. The only thing I regret is not taking your program sooner. With deep gratitude, Dana


Amelia D.

"Hi Michal, I just wanted to say that not only did your course help me tremendously with my panic attacks, but it also helped my husband and mother to understand what I’ve been going through, and they have been way more supportive of me since watching it. I can’t thank you enough."

Maxine W.

‚ÄúDr. Regev describes my symptoms to a tee. I felt like finally someone was getting me‚Ķfelt supported. I have found the Wave Technique and the meditation videos helpful and relaxing. I‚Äôm watching the videos again and again.‚Ä̬†



I'm ready to kick my panic

 It’s time to take charge of your life!

  • You can and will get better when you have the transformational information and powerful techniques to tame your panic.


  • Don‚Äôt spend another day wondering what is wrong with you or whether you can ever feel calm and confident again.


  • Ask yourself what you‚Äôd like your life to look like when you‚Äôre the master of your own life.


  • It‚Äôs your time to thrive. Don‚Äôt waste another day being fearful.



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