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Mindset for Wellbeing was co-founded by Dr. Michal Regev, Registered Psychologist and Shimon Vexler, (MSc.Eng.), a married couple, in 2020.

Dr. Regev, who had been a therapist and an educator for over 25 years, was looking for a way to help more people to overcome their emotional distress and mental-health challenges.

The idea to develop practical courses in the area of Psychology and Self-help occurred to Dr. Regev when one of her clients asked for her permission to record their sessions, so she could listen to them at home. That client later reported to Dr. Regev that listening to sessions had been helping her remember the content and techniques that were discussed during the sessions better and, that it comforted her to listen to Dr. Regev’s voice at night. That information prompted Dr. Regev to look into online course development as a way to help as many people as possible in the comfort of their home, whenever they needed it.


Dr. Regev discussed her idea with her husband, Shimon Vexler, a retired engineer. To support his wife on her mission to help as many people as possible, Shimon took it upon himself to develop all of the technical aspects of the course production and online presence. The couple has been hard at work together since the inception of their company.


Since then, other mental-health and online marketing professionals have joined the duo in taking their vision to the next level. Together, they have been creating leading-edge, reliable, user-friendly and highly effective courses.


Dr. Regev and Mr. Vexler live and work in Vancouver, B.C. When they are not working, they like traveling the world, taking long walks by the ocean, watching TV dramas, going to the symphony and, above all, spending time with their children and grandchildren.

Dr. Michal Regev's Bio

Registered Psychologist, Registered Marriage and Family Therapist, University professor (Emeritus)


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