Have You ever had a panic attack in the most awkward moment? 

I’m sure it happened and that it was extremely uncomfortable.

 In those moments you need instant relief rather than the whole story about why it’s happening or how to change your lifestyle so it doesn’t happen again. You need an immediate solution.

Panic attacks are nasty, but

What if you knew exactly what to do when panic starts to attack?

The Panic-Relief S.O.S. will help you do just that.

How do I know this? I used to suffer too.


I used to have horrible anxiety and panic attacks many years ago, and they were awful.
I didn’t know what they were at the time, and they made me doubt my own sanity.
I felt scared leaving my home in case I had an attack away from my safe place (my home) and had to deal with them alone.
 I believed that something was seriously wrong with my health.
I felt drained and hopeless at times and was ready to give up on all my goals.
But I recovered a long time ago by learning the scientific facts and powerful techniques that freed me from panic for good and haven’t had a panic attack in 30 years.
Yes, I'm Ready for Instant Panic-Relief

What’s inside

 Five simple, powerful techniques to help you stop panic attacks in their tracks

Technique #1

The Wave

Learn to ride the wave of panic in 4 simple steps.

Includes 1 video lesson with step-by-step instruction plus 1 handout to carry around and use in the moment of truth.



Technique #2

The Coping Card

Learn to change the way you think to change the course of panic. Go from catastrophic thinking to calm and reasonable self-talk.

Includes 1 video lesson with detailed, simple instructions on how to change your self-talk to squash panic attacks in their tracks plus 2 handouts to help you tailor this technique to yourself.

Technique #3

Calm your Breathing

The most effective breathing exercise to calm your breathing and your brain and stop panic attacks instantly. This method is used in medical setting and in the U.S. army to help patients calm down effectively.

Includes 1 handout with simple, easy to understand instructions.


Technique #4


Two of the most disturbing symptoms of panic attacks are de-realization and de-personalization. This technique will help you stop these disturbing symptoms on the spot.

Includes 1 handout with 5 quick and easy grounding hacks.


Technique #5

The Ice-cold Method

When panic attacks, your nervous system goes out of balance, giving you excessive adrenalin to fight for your life. The Icy Method helps your brain by jolting it out of the stress response and back to calm.

Includes 1 handout with different icy ways to calm your brain.

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   Who Am I?

My name is Michal Regev and I am a doctor of Psychology, a therapist and an educator. I have been a therapist for over 25 years, have taught at The University of British Columbia in Canada and have presented in numerous conferences and workshops worldwide. 

 I am also a former sufferer of anxiety and panic. I will never forget the horror of panic attacks, although I haven’t had one in 30 years. 

 I have combined my knowledge of psychology with my own experience to create this resource for you, the panic attacks sufferer. I’m sure you’ll find it transformational.


What would it feel like to not be afraid of panic anymore? What would it feel like if, instead of worrying about “what if I have another panic attack,” to be able to say to yourself “If a panic attack starts I know exactly what to do to squash it”?

The Panic-Relief S.O.S. Toolkit Guarantee

The Panic-Relief S.O.S. Toolkit comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you feel that this course has not helped you stop your panic attacks in their tracks, simply Contact Us within 7 days and we will send you a full refund. No hassle, no problem!

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 Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

*  Have you been told that you could ‘just snap out of it if you put your mind to it’?

*  Have you come to believe you were weak for having anxiety or panic?

*  Have you doubted you would ever feel better?

*  Have you been told you wouldn’t be able to overcome anxiety without medication?

*  Have you come to believe that living with anxiety was your fate?

 I want you to know that these cannot be further from the truth and I will disprove them one-by-one.

Yes, I'm Ready for Instant Panic-Relief

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 It’s time to take charge of your Panic!

By the time you are familiar with the Panic-Relief S.O.S., you will have the calm and the confidence to kick your panic, should it occur.

Don’t spend another day wondering what is wrong with you or whether you can ever feel calm and confident again.

Ask yourself what you’d like your life to look like when you’re the master of your own life.

It’s your time to thrive. Don’t waste another day being fearful.

I'm Ready for Instant Panic-Relief


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